Monday, September 13, 2010

On FreeBSD5.2 common operations (setting) changes

1. Chinese locale
FreeBSD 5.2 currently supported by the Simplified Chinese locale has the following:
As zh_CN.EUC is not a formal Chinese locale, FreeBSD 5.2 Release of XFree86 removed the support of zh_CN.EUC only support zh_CN.eucCN, for zh_CN.GBK and zh_CN.GB18030 in most Chinese ports that have not yet appropriate support. Is still zh_CN.eucCN (using GB2312 encoding) locale is most formal, but also the most mature.
The Chinese locale set methods (bash, can be used chsh to change, fcitx input method):
[Code: 1:4623 c8c5ca]
# File / etc / profile
export LANG = "zh_CN.eucCN"
export LC_CTYPE = "zh_CN.eucCN"
export XMODIFIERS =''@ im = fcitx''[/ code: 1:4623 c8c5ca]
Zh_CN.eucCN by the zh_CN.EUC to trigger the ports of some new problems. If fcitx to start, but the control panel can not display Chinese characters. The solution is to open / usr / ports / chinese / fcitx / Makefile, change all the strings zh_CN.EUC zh_CN.eucCN can.

Of course, you can still set zh_CN.EUC, but you need to ln a zh_CN.EUC the locale:

[Code: 1:4623 c8c5ca] cd / usr / share / locale & & ln-s zh_CN.eucCN zh_CN.EUC [/ code: 1:4623 c8c5ca]

2.X under the best terminal gnome-terminal
If you use bash, and like the Linux prompt is displayed, you can / etc / profile add the following:
[Code: 1:4623 c8c5ca] if ["$ BASH"]; then
PS1 =''u @ h: w $''
if ["` id-u `"-eq 0]; then
PS1 =''#''
PS1 =''$''
fi [/ code: 1:4623 c8c5ca]
If your gnome-terminal does not make any settings, / etc / profile will not play any role. Can be set as follows:
[Code: 1:4623 c8c5ca] start gnome2 (startx / usr/X11R6/bin/gnome-session) and start the gnome-terminal, open the menu and click on: Edit -> current profile (U )..., open " Title and Command "tab, select the" run shell command "after the closure can be. [/ code: 1:4623 c8c5ca]

3.mozilla other browser plug-ins (Flash, acrobat):
First, install linuxpluginwrapper the port:

[Code: 1:4623 c8c5ca] cd / usr / ports / www / linuxpluginwrapper & & make all install clean [/ code: 1:4623 c8c5ca]
And then in / etc under the accession libmap.conf which reads as follows:
[Code: 1:4623 c8c5ca] # / etc / libmap.conf for FreeBSD 5.x
# $ Id: libmap.conf-FreeBSD5.x, v 1.1 2003/11/09 07:39:33 nork Exp $

# Flash6 with Opera is not avilable.

# Flash6 with Konqueror (temporary setting)
[/ Opt / mozilla / plugins /] pluginwrapper/
libstdc + liblstdc + +. so.4 pluginwrapper/

# Flash6 with Mozilla / Firebird / Galeon / Epiphany
[/ Usr/local/lib/linux-flashplugin6/] pluginwrapper/
libstdc + liblstdc + +. so.4 pluginwrapper/

# Acrobat with Opera
# [/ Usr/X11R6/lib/browser_plugins/]
# pluginwrapper /

# Acrobat with Konqueror (temporary setting)
# [/ Opt / mozilla / plugins /]
# pluginwrapper /

# Acrobat with Mozilla / Firebird / Galeon / Epiphany
# [/ Usr/local/Acrobat5/Browsers/intellinux/]
# pluginwrapper /
[/ Code: 1:4623 c8c5ca]

4.fat32, ntfs, cd9660 partition the problem of Chinese file name.
Chinese before the directory has gbfs port support, now can be realized without installing gbfs fat32 partition display Chinese file name. Is in the implementation of load-L zh_CN.eucCN mount_msDosfs parameters, such as:

[Code: 1:4623 c8c5ca] mount_msdosfs-L zh_CN.eucCN / dev/ad0s1 / mnt / disk [/ code: 1:4623 c8c5ca]
Cd9660 for ntfs and format, then use the other parameters-C gbk, such as:
[Code: 1:4623 c8c5ca] mount_cd9660-C gbk / dev/acd0 / cdrom [/ code: 1:4623 c8c5ca]
[Code: 1:4623 c8c5ca] mount_ntfs-C gbk / dev/ad0s1 / mnt / win [/ code: 1:4623 c8c5ca]

5.gnome2 Chinese garbled in xmms and gimp problem.
Both procedures are based on older gtk +1.2, the problem can be garbled in the user directory set up. Gtkrc.mine file:
[Code: 1:4623 c8c5ca] cat / usr/X11R6/share/themes/Default/gtk/gtkrc.zh_CN> $ HOME / .gtkrc.mine [/ code: 1:4623 c8c5ca]
Of course, you need according to your practical situation. Gtkrc.mine content, specific ways to refer to a number of posts in this forum.

6.nvidia official driver problems.
Driver Download:
I configured the XFree86 nv driver that comes with (preferably xf86cfg). But after installed the nvidia driver can not start X, by constantly trying to only remove / etc/X11/XF86Config in
This line to start.

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